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Cartoon Animal Chew Toys

Cartoon Animal Chew Toys

Cartoon Animal Chew Toys

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Nothing can be more fun and interactive for your buddy at home than a cute little flamingo designed in a soft plush squeaky structure of colourful rope pattern. This Squeaky Flamingo toy is a total eye-catcher for your pup at home, who feels lonely when you are not home. Built with superior quality chewable cotton, the Squeaky Flamingo is a must-go item for all dog lovers who are serious about training.  It will grab the attention of your pup and make him/her go fetch after it when you squeak it. With the enchanting colour combination of pink and white, the Squeaky Flamingo is designed to be a partner of your dog to deal with their stress and separation anxiety.



  • Type: Toy
  • Material: Other
  • Set Type: No
  • Toys Type: Chew Toys
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