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Waterpik Pro Dog Shower Wand

Waterpik Pro Dog Shower Wand

Waterpik Pro Dog Shower Wand

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Tackle bath time like a pro with the Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment. The fastest and easiest way to bathe your dog, it’s equipped with a hand-held wand that sprays water in a comb pattern for more effective cleaning and rinsing. And so you can clean even the most sensitive areas, it comes with a flow control lever that lets you adjust the water pressure for a gentle spray when you need it. The ergonomic rubber grip on the wand makes it easy to use, and with your other hand free, you can work on lathering up or comforting your pooch for hassle-free bathing. Plus, you can connect it to a shower pipe, utility sink or garden hose with the included hose and adapters, so you can use it at home or outdoors.

Key Benefits
  • Professional-grade bathing wand is great for dogs of all sizes with hand-held water spray technology.
  • High-pressure comb-shaped water spray makes cleaning and rinsing easier and faster even with thick hair.
  • Easy water flow adjustment for high to low pressure sprays and pauses for optimal control for sensitive areas.
  • One-hand operation makes bath time hassle-free, and includes suction cup hook for when you need both hands.
  • Quickly attaches to shower pipe, utility sink or garden hose so it’s great for indoor and outdoor use, and includes rubber ergonomic grip handle for added comfort.


  • If using the Pet Wand PRO Dog Shower indoors, make sure the diverter knob is putting down.

  • Turn water on and turn the EasySelect dial to the full WaterComb spray.

  • Place the wand against the dog’s fur and gently push the water down the dog’s body to get the dog wet.

  • As you use the Pet Wand PRO Dog shower, you can adjust the dial to change the water flow to the desired pressure:

Dial clockwise to increase pressure, Dial counter-clockwise to decrease pressure

  • If you need to reach sensitive areas, turn the EasySelect dial past the pause mode to engage the Narrow Spray. (Modes will change on either side of the pause setting.)

  • When your dog is wet, turn the EasySelect dial to pause to reduce the water flow to a trickle.

  • Shampoo your dog.

  • For a thorough rinse, turn the EasySelect dial back to the WaterComb Spray.

  • Turn off the water flow when your dog is rinsed.

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