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Electric Pet Hair Remover Brush

Electric Pet Hair Remover Brush

Electric Pet Hair Remover Brush

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Type: Pets
Model Number: Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Your Pet & Massage Them At The Same Time! - Remove Dead Hair, Dirt Plus More...

Our Portable Pet Hair Vacuum is an innovative grooming tool that does all the work for you, without causing your pet unnecessary pain or stress! The quiet motor keeps your pet calm while grooming. Unlike other grooming tools, care and cleaning of our tool is a breeze! When the chamber is full, simply open, turn on and eject hair, dirt and debris into the disposal area without leaving even a trace of mess.

Suitable for dogs, cats and other pets with hair.

Multi-functional, soft rubber head also provides your pet with a relaxing massage as it cleans.

Cordless portable design means it's easy to use.

Safe and quiet, won't frighten your pet





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