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Pet Dog shoes Waterproof Anti-slip boots

Pet Dog shoes Waterproof Anti-slip boots

Pet Dog shoes Waterproof Anti-slip boots

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Cute boots are waterproof rain boots for your adorable dog, made of sturdy and flexible rubber. The bottom of the pet shoes has an anti-skip bump pattern. Their non-skid pads often keep dogs from slipping on slick surfaces. Keeps your dog's paws clean on rainy days! Waterproof, great for rainy days! A clean house starts with clean paws! To cover paws after an accident or surgery, or to protect wood floors from scratches. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are all good times to protect your dog's paws. Your dog will adore these anti-slip boots because they have a natural feel to them. Made of tough, thin natural rubber that feels just like the earth, giving your dog a sense of comfort and trust. Snow, rain, salt, sand, mud, contaminants, and pesticides, as a medical cover-up, and for dogs with grass allergies. It's easy to clean and wash, and it's gentle and hands washable. 

Features :

  • Type: Pet shoe puppy shoes
  • Suitable for: Small Dogs Cats Chihuahua
  • Material: Rubber soles
  • Packed: 4pcs/set

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