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Safe Pet Massage Brush

Safe Pet Massage Brush

Safe Pet Massage Brush

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  • EFFECTIVE - The reusable massage pet brush is made from delicate silicone tips that remove all the dead hair and tangles from your cat or dog, while providing your beloved pet a sensational massage it won't forget! Use it once a week for a few minutes and keep your furniture and floors clear of pet hair for the rest of the week.

  • FUNCTIONAL- With silicone pet hair brush, you can simply brush your pet and remove all loose hair and mats. The massage brush head was developed not only for grooming but also to increase the blood circulation of your pet, leaving it relaxed and calm. Suitable for all pet sizes with all hair types.

  • REUSEABLE - The pet hair comb can be washed with soap and water over and over again without damaging the product.

  • COMFORTABLE - Featuring ergonomic non-slip rubber handle, which lets you brush your pet as long as you want without getting your hands tired, while your pet enjoys and appreciates your indulgence. The comb is designed for scrubbing and brushing wet pet fur without causing an uncomfortable feelings to your pet.

  • HIGH-QUALITY- This professional pet hair deshedding massage brush is made of long-lasting high-quality materials: An ergonomic rubber grip, fixed to a durable plastic handle, combined with soft silicone hair brush, it is built to last countless strokes.

Measurement In CM
Length Width Height
ONE SIZE 19.5 9.2 3.5
Measurement In Inch
Length Width Height
ONE SIZE 7.7 3.6 1.4


The size may have a slight difference due to manual measurement.

55 Soft SiliconeExtra Sopt Silicone Massage tips / Ergonomic handle Non-Slip Grip / Convenient Hanging Hole

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