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Screaming Chicken Pet Toys

Screaming Chicken Pet Toys

Screaming Chicken Pet Toys

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Looking for something fun and engaging to strengthen your bond with your pup or maybe just help them relax and stay focused during training? This cute little piece of toy might just be the item you are looking for. Built with chewable quality rubber, this screaming chicken is a classic favourite for all dog lovers out there. The fun noise it produces when you squeak the chicken will quickly grab the attention of your buddy and make him fetch the toy at your signal. The yellow colour of the chicken is chosen to make your dog attracted to it, and our premium quality ink ensures its durability even after many rough bites. A fun toy built to reduce the separation anxiety of your buddy, get this now and we promise you won’t be disappointed.



  • Material: Rubber
  • Toys Type: Squeak Toys 
  • Toys Type: Pet Molar Bite Toy
  • Use: Dog Tooth Cleaning Chewing Toys

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