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Soft Pet Chew Toys

Soft Pet Chew Toys

Soft Pet Chew Toys

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When the dog owners are out, leaving the dogs home alone, they suffer loneliness, so they chew on "forbidden" items, like your furniture, your shoes to relieve their boredom. With our Soft Pet Chew Toys, your dogs are never lonely. The pointed chew toy is designed to function as a dogs toothbrush and keep your dog's teeth clean, reducing plaque build-up and relieving gums, assisting in maintaining healthy teeth, especially for those dogs who have difficulty in cleaning their tooth. These toys have bright colour which will distract dogs from chewing on other "forbidden" items, the soft toys with beautiful cotton rope can make your dog enjoy the biting time, these cute toys are nice Christmas and birthday gift choice for your dogs



  • Type: Dogs 
  • Material: Rubber
  • Toys Type: Chew Toys
  • Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Diameter: 5/7cm

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